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Discovery trail

Stroll around, look and listen...

The Grand Voyage into the heart of the Domaine

A discovery trail for young and old alike — a fun way to discover Bagnoles de l'Orne, the town and its attractions.

With twenty fascinating stages such as "The Legend of the waters of Bagnoles de l'Orne" and "The Andaines Forest," the trail is set up around the main buildings, and the urban and natural areas of the municipality.

Numerous topics include the environment, local history, architecture, geology, legends, and stories.

If you want to know more, audio guides are available, developing the themes of each stage:


  • Using flash codes on way points
  • With audio guides for hire at the Tourist Office.

Children will enjoy being asked questions as part of a game. The Champimignon family needs the childrens' help to find answers to their questions. The answer to each conundrum is to be found at the following way point. Adventure awaits!


Information from the Tourist Office

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Stroll around, look and listen...

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