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Discoveries,surpsieses and tasty treats

While the end of the summer is synonymous with nostalgia for some, others are full of the anticipation of tasty treats! For the autumn, as the countryside turns to gold, the delicious seasonal smell of fresh mushrooms drifts up from the woods!

The “Mecca of mushrooms,” Bagnoles de l'Orne in Normandy will be the exquisite setting of your mycological getaway!

Nestled in the ten thousand acres of the beautiful Andaines forest, the adorable and charming town of Bagnoles de l'Orne is full of these little fungal wonders and no shortage of visitors picking them!

This exceptional site boasts no fewer than 1600 varieties of mushrooms, a boon for collectors and cooks alike!

Come to Bagnoles de l'Orne, for the famous "mushroom weekend"! Several members of the hotel club, experts in mycology, have come up with an appetizing program with a musroom-based menu, collecting walks, instructive talks and tasting.

Walk through the forest, equipped with stout boots, a basket and a small knife... follow your guide, an expert mycologist and nature lover. They will teach you the basics of picking which, whatever may be said, is far from an easy trick. Watch out for "fairy rings," observe the different species of trees, and the mushrooms likely to be found near them, decipher the shapes, sizes, colours and smells... and the tiny differences that can distinguish an edible mushroom from its toxic cousin... so much to learn, with a tasty meal at the end of it!


Your learning curve continues!

Back at the hotel with your collection, lay out your catch and hear the chef's comments. Watch them being cooked or cook them yourself — either way you're going to eat them!

From local menus — a beautiful cèpe, roasted with herbs, canterelles with candied apricot, an egg ramekin with rustic agarics, or a fabulous craterellus macaroon and cream... so many outstanding recipes to savour, with flavours of the forest floor, not to be missed!


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