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Walks, hikes and bikes

With the beautiful Forest of Andaines, the Grand Domaine Bagnoles de l'Orne is a paradise for hikers. Around the city, over 180 miles of roads and trails reveal the natural wealth of the area. On foot, on horseback or by mountain bike, take a touring weekend or just a day trip — come and relax in this beautiful setting in the Normandy countryside.

The forest is divided into numbered plots. These are separated by roads, and on every corner you will find a number which will allow you to easily find out where you are and which way to go. Forest maps are available at the tourist office.

Guided hiking tours (5 to 12 km) are offered from March to November.

Introductory and advanced Nordic walking tours are also available. This new way of walking, easy to learn, without forcing yourself, is a great pleasure and is open to everyone.

Nordic walking sticks are available for hire at the tourist office to allow you to practice this activity independently.

Find out more at the Tourist Office on +33 (0) 02 33 37 85 66

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