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Les Dénicheurs

Square de Contades

French songs from the first half of the twentieth century


For ten years, Valéry Dekowski, Manu Constant and Olivier Ricquart have been bringing to life the songs of the 30s.

In 2014, les Dénicheurs offered "The crisis is over" a whole new repertoire consisting almost exclusively of new nuggets of French music from the first half of the twentieth century.

A singer who takes care of his mustache and an ultra-orchestra reduced to the inclinations of the "rock n 'roll musette". I swear this is how they write in French musical journalism.

The desire to rediscover funny and biting texts. That's what Les Dénicheurs are all about.


In search of rarities, they haul their spats around the country fairs to hunt for old dusty discs, scratched and cheap, sometimes full of surprises. Then it only remains to put the old banter into action and reclaim the words and notes that never truly aged.


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