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Lassay les Châteaux

Lassay Les Châteaux

7 km from the Grand Domaine Bagnoles de l’Orne.

The castle

Built in its current form in 1458, it retains its eight towers, curtain walls, two-story Barbican and gatheouse. The barbican, protecting the drawbridge, is a fine example of French military architecture from the Middle Ages.

Mediaeval garden

The garden is near the Château of Lassay, which forms a magnificent backdrop. This small garden

in the medieval style is partitioned into 4 areas: the green carpet, the herb garden, the orchard and grove. The green carpet (“tapis vert”)is so named because of the wide lawn, lined with perennials and a charming trellis. The herb garden has a fountain. Below, the orchard, an exercise in courtly love as described in literature, and the Grove decorated with evergreen plants and conifers giving a Mediterranean ambience (oak, osmanthus, acanthus).


The rose garden

The Rose Garden is located in the meadow of a former Benedictine monastery. A botanical conservatory, it consists of 300 varieties of roses from different parts of the globe.

The rose garden is divided into two spaces. The first is a French garden, highly structured, with different varieties of roses and a pergola. The second is an open garden, on a more hilly terrain, blending with the surrounding countryside with various varieties of trees and plants.




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